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About Pelagus IT

Why Pelagus IT
About Us
What can you expect
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Why Pelagus IT


We are passionate for new technologies and development, eager for progress.
For your progress.

The company is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but within it are operating related companies in Serbia and Macedonia. We are flexible, fast-growing team that can offer different kinds of services. Given that we are geographically distributed in Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia, but still connected to a single infrastructure, we have access to the best professional experts in the region.


In the beginning we offered only software development outsourcing, but shortly after we started offering a set of specialized services in the domain of Business Process Outsourcing, designed to respond the fast-growing market demands.


Today we have a vision using our technical expertise, business domain knowledge and confirmed practice to continually create added value for our clients. We are committed to successful development, implementation and management of business information systems, solutions and services, but our work does not end with it. Sharing knowledge and expertise by creating value is our ultimate goal.

In 10 years we see Pelagus IT as a leading company in the region in the outsourcing of specialized business processes.

About Us

We are a team of highly talented professionals, engineers, business analysts and consultants. We can boast of years of experience in development and implementation of information systems of various business domains in the Adriatic region.

We are proud of the following professional certificates in the software development area:

  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform
  • Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer
  • Oracle Internet Application Developer Rel. 6i OCP

We are team players, enthusiastically accepting the challenges of new projects, we are targeted and committed to success.


What can you expect

  • A quick response to project needs
  • Reduce costs and increase profit
  • A significant improvement in quality and productivity of the business

Working with us is easy

  • Tasks are completed on time, within the budget
  • We offer several models of cooperation
  • We care about the quality of deliverables and services and quality control
  • We use standard tools and methodology for project management
  • We setup dedicated portals for big projects, to facilitate the integration of content, tracking and execution of project tasks
  • You get access to our Helpdesk for the support purposes


Professional expertise

Our service methodology is unique:

  • Situation Snapshot - we analyze your requirements and identify the components that could be outsourced
  • Pilot program – for major projects we perform outsourcing prove of concept, even before signing the contract
  • Transition management – we use the methodology for flawless transition of the outsourced processes, when offshore outsourcing model is used
  • Project management – we use the methodology for financial and operational management of the outsourced projects

We offer the following cooperation models:

  • Offshore – service is delivered at our site at our premises. We are responsible for the provision of suitable infrastructure and skilled professionals. Project model can be Fixed Price or Time and Material.
  • Homeshore- service is delivered at your or the final customer location. We provide the necessary technical personnel and the equipment, if requested. Project model is Time and Material i.e. resources rent for a limited time.

Project models:

  • Fixed Price – suitable when the project objectives and the project budget are initially defined
  • Time and Material – resources rent for a limited time


Professional portfolio

We have successfully completed numerous projects and can boast an substantive knowledge in the domains of:

  • State Administration of Slovenia
  • Insurance
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • And much more…


Confidentiality and Data Protection

Employees in Pelagus IT care for the data and information assigned. We guarantee absolute protection of entrusted information. Customers can choose the preferred method of communication with us. We commit that we will not discover the projects, nor the details of cooperation, without your consent.


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