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Development of Business Information Systems:

We are proud of in-depth substantive knowledge in the domains of:

  • State Administration of Slovenia
  • Insurance
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • And much more…

Development of software modules for Business Information System MERCATOR d.d.

S&T Slovenija d.d.,
Web application ESUB - Central register of entities or Subjects established for the single mode of management of all Subjects enrolled in any of the mandatory Ministry's registers of data.

ADACTA d.o.o.,
Insurance Company Triglav d.d.
Development of online modules for the business system AdInsure ZT - an integrated information system to support the insurance process for Triglav Insurance Company.

SIEMENS d.o.o.,
Health Insurance Company Triglav d.d.,
Insurance Company ADRIATIC Slovenica d.d.
Project On-Line Z.Z. - renovation of the Health care Insurance Information System of Slovenia, covers the development of modules for secure online exchange of information in health insurance between Insurers and the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.

SIEMENS d.o.o.,
Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia
The Health care Insurance Card system - monitoring and maintenance of the transactional communication system.

MAOP d.o.o.,
Surveying and Mapping Authority of Slovenia
Collaboration in the development of web application Obvescanje, which enables the real estate owners and property managers to send changes of real estate information as well as comments on the valuation models used in real estates valuation.

MAOP d.o.o.,
Collaboration in the development and deployment of NCR AS@R FrontOffice Retails system.


Web sites and portals, web design:

SKF Slovenija d.o.o.
Interactive 3D presentation of the fair stand on the Celje Fair TEROTECH-Maintenance: presentation.

DR. VENS, center za boleče noge, d.o.o.
Design and implementation of organization web portal.

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